Start-Up Seminars


Do you have an idea that you want to bring to life and make a reality?


These are NOT motivational courses! We educate you on how to get it done period.


What does it take? – Do you have the time and mentality to see your concept through to the end? Are you prepared to deal with the realities and struggles ahead? If you are determined and passionate about your idea these obstacles become just another part of the process. 


The basics – How do you get started? What does it take to build solid foundations and creating a vision? Forming an achievable business plan is your road path to success. Our start-up consultants will show you how to prepare for the projects ahead.


Infrastructure – What partnerships are required for your endeavor and how do you obtain these? Does your idea require Sales Teams? Manufacturing? Inventory and Warehousing? I.T. Professionals? What does the marketing strategy look like? We review how to build successful connections to ensure operational excellence.  

Fiscal Responsibility – How do you determine the real costs of my start-up? How do you get the capital to start? Are you investing your funds appropriately? We guide you on options and how to stretch budgets as asset solvency is key.


Sales Strategies and Execution – What is the right platform and who is your audience? Is this a product that your trying to introduce to consumers or are you filling a need? Are the measurables in place to build upon? How do you create a great End-User experience? We give you the executable solutions for sustainability.


Launch – Are you set up for success? What are the foreseeable obstacles? Product exposure? What does the future look like and how do we get ahead of the game? A flawless or not flawless launch can make or break a new company. This is where the rubber meets the road and all the planning determines your outcomes. Our seminar will walk you through to the end and let you experience week one in the marketplace. 


When you walk away from our Start-Up seminars you will have an educated thought process on what is required to take your idea or concept from start to launch and make it a reality! It doesn't matter what your goal is, a new retail product, internet clothing business or a service company. You will be able to start planning and building the foundations essential to your success.

Do you more education on where to start?

Our 3 hr. Start-Up Seminars are structured and situational putting you behind the wheel of your next endeavor.

Hosted by Entrepreneurs just like you who were passionate about their ideas with backgrounds from some of the Top Brands in the World.

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