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What's Next?


I inherited my father’s struggling chain of automotive repair shops when he passed away 2 years ago. I knew nothing about the auto industry and time was not on our side. Costs were out of control and reduced sales was forcing us to consider closing the shops that have been in business for the last 15 years. The firm entered and gave us a new prospective while putting a stop to the constant bleeding. They assisted in hiring the right talent and gave us access to new customer financing. A new service menu was created along with marketing enhancements that included a revamped web-site, newly found social media tactics and in networking with other local business owners helping us with acquiring a new customer base. Our next quarter we started turning a profit giving us the confidence needed for the future. What an impact they have made on our chain of repair shops. Thank You

 Ron Barton- 2014  

From the Start


When my husband and I decided to open a retail bakery we had no clue where to even start. We created the concept and had an idea of what we wanted but we quickly realized that we bit off more than either of us could chew. Once the doors were open and the grand opening traffic disappeared we struggled to make ends meet as costs were eating us alive along with the drastic reduction in sales. The firm came in, quickly assessed our situation and went right to work. Their team helped in getting our processes highly efficient, cost under control and came up with a local marketing plan that encompassed a new online platform allowing our customers place orders on the go. The firm gave us the strategies needed to compete in today's marketplace. Who knows where we would be without them.     

Jim and Susie Barber- 2015

Success without the Costs


My wife and I decided to open a clothing boutique as a retirement plan that we could both enjoy as we were in our golden years. Neither of us having come the retail business struggled to operate within our costs and started to regret our decision. After being referred by a mutual friend our ours we reached out to the firm making sure that they understood our biggest concern in that we didn't have a lot of funds put aside for consulting fees as we were currently drowning at the store. We were shocked when their team decided to take our project on with very limited funding. The firm was more interested in supporting the local community that we lived in versus their consulting fees. They secured our store with a more profitable line of inventory, created a theme that customers could relate with and launched a new grand opening with the local chamber of commerce being strongly involved. We can't thank the firm enough!  

Cindy and Ralph Hodges - 2015   

Creating Interest


Back in 2010 a colleague and I started a small tech company that helped consumers reduce the costs in hosting large databases. Late 2015, we had developed and were in the late stages of launching a new file compression technology in better servicing our clients. Neither of us had a marketing background nor the skills needed to push this new product out globally. So, we brought on-board the Priceless Consulting Firm along with their talents. The team constructed a direct online marketing campaign encompassing a user trial platform in where potential customers could test drive our innovative technology first hand. With thorough due diligence and dedication focused on the importance of the new product launch. We were first to market with our modern technology and it has built consumer foundations for future product releases.

        Larry Stanton- 2016       

Share the Big News


1.4 Million Users and New Membership acquirement continues to grow at an unstoppable rate!! In 2015, I conceived a new concept that was designed to shake up the Online Dating Industry. Not having any experience in website development or server management I had no ideas of where to start. The Priceless Consulting Firm was highly recommended to me and after a few introduction meetings we decided to take on this huge endeavor as a team. The firm put me behind the wheel with the most talented program developers in the industry and delivered a marketing campaign for our product launch. October 17, 2016, we launched our site and the results have been nothing short of impeccable. 39 Newscast, 174 Radio/Satellite Stations, 2 Major Talk shows, countless blogs and articles on the internet has positioned our Online Dating Site for success. None of this would have been imaginable without the guidance and direction of the firm!
     Peter Trotts- 2016      

The Right Stuff


Our Company had lost its identity and messaging in defining of who we were when launching our financial advisory firm back in 2009. The company’s dismal sales resulted in high attrition throughout its years and our visions and values were undefinable. The Priceless Consulting Firm entered and took over complete control of the company. They created a new themes and concepts that directed us in establishing new foundations that the business could build upon. We were essentially stating over. With a new consumer direct sales team and approach in place our firm was revived from all but certain doom. Their 6 months of engagement and time invested into our firm has resulted in the procurement of our future ensuring we have the core competencies in place for sustainable growth and financial success.  
           Kyle Kerns- 2016